Publications GRIP les plus significatives depuis 2017

Les publications ont été sélectionnées selon les critères suivants :

  • les données proviennent d’études créées par les chercheurs GRIP;
  • l’article contribue de manière inédite à l’avancement des connaissances par rapport à nos trois axes de recherche;
  • les articles illustrent l’ampleur des thématiques étudiées par les chercheurs du GRIP.

Machine-Learning Prediction of Adolescent Alcohol Use: A Cross-Study, Cross-Cultural Validation
Afzali MH, Sunderland M, Stewart SH, Mâsse B, Séguin JR, Newton N, Teeson M, Conrod P.
Addiction. 2019;114(4):662-671.

Association of screen time and depression in adolescence
Boers E, Afzali MH, Newton N, Conrod P.
Jama Pediatrics. 2019;173(9):853-859.

The Quebec Newborn Twin Study at 21
Boivin M, Brendgen RM, Dionne G, Ouellet-Morin I, Dubois L, Pérusse D, Robaey P, Tremblay RE, Vitaro F.
Twin Research and Human Genetics. 2019:1-7.

The Effect of Contextual Risk Factors on the Effectiveness of Brief Personality-Targeted Interventions for Adolescent Alcohol Use and Misuse: A Cluster-Randomized Trial
Edalati H, Afzali MH, Castellanos Ryan N, Conrod P.
Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research. 2019;43(5):997-1006.

Teachers’ relatedness with students as a predictor of students’ intrinsic motivation, self-concept, and reading achievement
Guay F, Stupnisky R, Boivin M, Japel C, Dionne G.
Early Childhood Research Quarterly. 2019;48:215-225.

Cumulative risk and protection effect of serotonergic genes on male antisocial behaviour: results from a prospective cohort assessed in adolescence and early adulthood
Langevin S, Mascheretti S, Côté SM, Vitaro F, Boivin M, Turecki G, Tremblay RE, Ouellet-Morin I.
British Journal of Psychiatry. 2019;214(3):137-145.

Impact of a social skills program on children’s stress: A cluster randomized trial
Larose MP, Ouellet-Morin I, Vitaro F, Geoffroy MC, Ahun M, Tremblay RE, Côté SM.
Psychoneuroendocrinology. 2019;104:115-121.

The genetic and environmental etiology of shyness through childhood
Morneault-Vaillancourt G, Dionne G, Brendgen RM, Vitaro F, Feng B, Henry J, Forget-Dubois N, Tremblay RE, Boivin M.
Behavior Genetics. 2019;49(4):376-385.

Impact of an early childhood intervention on the home environment, and subsequent effects on child cognitive and emotional development: A secondary analysis
Orri M, Côté SM, Tremblay RE, Doyle O.
Plos One. 2019;14(7):e0219133.

Pathways of association between childhood irritability and adolescent suicidality
Orri M, Galera C, Turecki G, Boivin M, Tremblay RE, Geoffroy MC, Côté S.
Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. 2019;58(1):99-107.e3.

Early childhood child care and disruptive behavior problems during adolescence: a 17-year population-based propensity score study
Orri M, Tremblay RE, Japel C, Boivin M, Vitaro F, Losier T, Brendgen MR, Falissard B, Melchior M, Côté SM.
Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry. 2019;60(11):1174-1182.

Association of behavior in boys from low socioeconomic neighborhoods with employment earnings in adulthood
Vergunst F, Tremblay RE, Nagin D, Algan Y, Beasley E, Park J, Galera C, Vitaro F, Côté SM.
JAMA Pediatrics. 2019;173(4):334-341.

Association between childhood behaviors and adult employment earnings in Canada
Vergunst F, Tremblay RE, Nagin D, Beasley E, Park J, Galera C, Vitaro F, Côté SM.
JAMA Psychiatry. 2019;76(10):1044-1051.

Development of aggression subtypes from childhood to adolescence: a group-based multi-trajectory modelling perspective
Girard LC, Tremblay RE, Nagin D, Côté SM.
Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology. 2019;47(5):825-838.

Why is maternal depression related to adolescent internalizing problems? a 15-year population-based study
Côté S, Ahun M, Herba C, Brendgen RM, Geoffroy Mc, Orri M, Liu X, Vitaro F, Melchior M, Boivin M, Tremblay RE.
Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. 2018;57(12):916-924. 

A multi-component early intervention program and trajectories of behavior, cognition, and health
Côté SM, Orri M, Tremblay RE, Doyle O.
Pediatrics. 2018;141(5):e20173174. 

Early warm-rewarding parenting moderates the genetic contributions to callous-unemotional traits in childhood
Henry J, Dionne G, Viding E, Vitaro F, Brendgen RM, Tremblay RE, Boivin M.
Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry. 2018;59(12):1282-1288. 

A population-based analysis of the relationship between substance use and adolescent cognitive development
Morin JF, Afzali MH, Bourque J, Stewart SH, Séguin JR, O’leary-Barrett M, Conrod P.
American Journal of Psychiatry. 2019;176(2):98-106. 

Association of childhood irritability and depressive/anxious mood profiles with adolescent suicidal ideation and attempts
Orri M, Galera C, Turecki G, Forte A, Renaud J, Boivin M, Tremblay RE, Côté SM, Geoffroy MC.
JAMA Psychiatry. 2018;75(5):465-473. 

Emotional and behavioral symptom network structure in elementary school girls and association with anxiety disorders and depression in adolescence and early adulthood
Rouquette A, Pingault JB, Fried EI, Falissard B, Kossakowski JJ, Vitaro F, Tremblay RE, Côté SM, Borsboom D.
JAMA Psychiatry. 2018;75(11):1173-1181. 

The gene-environmental architecture of the development of adolescent substance use
Vitaro F, Dickson D, Brendgen RM, Laursen B, Dionne G, Boivin M.
Psychological Medicine. 2018;48(15):2500-2507. 

Developmental origins of chronic physical aggression: A bio-psycho-social model for the next generation of preventive interventions
Tremblay RE, Vitaro F, Côté S.
Annual Review of Psychology. 2018;69:383-407. 

Environmental influence of problematic social relationships on adolescents’ daily cortisol secretion: a monozygotic twin-difference study
Brendgen RM, Ouellet-Morin I, Lupien S, Vitaro F, Dionne G,  Boivin M.
Psychological Medicine. 2017;47(3):460-470. 

A cluster-randomised controlled trial evaluating the effects of delaying onset of adolescent substance abuse on cognitive development and addiction following a selective, personality-targeted intervention program. The Co-Venture trial
O’Leary-Barrett M, Mâsse B, Pihl RO, Stewart SH, Séguin JR, Conrod P
Addiction. 2017 Oct;112(10):1871-1881.

Phenotypic and genetic associations between reading and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder dimensions in adolescence
Plourde V, Boivin M, Brendgen RM, Vitaro F, Dionne G.
Development and Psychopathology, 2017;29(4):1215-1226.